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Top Reasons To Consult an Elder Law Attorney

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Top Reasons To Consult an Elder Law Attorney from William T Edwards, Jr. If you have questions related to estate planning; if you are concerned about what you have done in the past, it’s best to see what an elder law attorney can do for you.  Learn more about elder law attorney in this presentation.

The Line Between Medical Privacy and Legal Disclosures

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In recent years, we’ve seen a big push towards better consumer protections. Whether it’s the rigid HIPAA law or parts of the ACA that allows patients/consumers to request their doctors to not report diagnoses to insurance companies, you can be sure it has a lot to do with our technological advances. Specifically, it has a… Read more »

Can Financial, Estate Planning Help Young Troops?

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Most of those truly noble and brave souls who choose to serve in our military realize at some point they have to take a hard look at the future for themselves and their families. Still, they make that sacrifice. After returning home, many find themselves in brutal financial straits. One soldier we spoke with explained… Read more »