Protect Your Future with Your Estate Plan – Grow Your Future with Your Financial Plan

“We believe estate planning is both legal and financial; the two interrelate.”

Tom Edwards founded The Edwards Law Firm nearly two decades ago.  Much has changed since then, as change is inherent in the legal profession.  One thing, however, has remained the same – on any given day, Mr. Edwards will relay the above message as if on repeat.

Our firm believes in an estate plan that provides comprehensive protection, and a key aspect of such protection includes financial planning.  Like estate planning, we believe financial planning is beneficial in so many ways, including maximizing investment opportunities, protecting assets, preserving legacies and providing long-term financial growth.  There is also the benefit of peace of mind which, as any business owner or any person in general will tell you, is priceless.

The Edwards Law Firm emphasizes the parallels between estate and financial planning, and the importance of seeking financial assistance as we begin the process of planning your estate.  It simply makes good sense. Careful planning – estate, financial and otherwise – may also make it easier to realize family objectives, such as securing adequate retirement income or keeping a business in the family.

Our firm’s philosophy has always been to educate, guide and provide assistance for families; to put into place strong protections against whatever disruptive event may occur; and to help our clients preserve their wealth and legacy, and achieve their long-term personal and financial goals.  And because we believe strongly that an attorney should not be doling out financial advice, we have established solid working relationships with many of Jacksonville’s top financial advisors.  We also welcome the opportunity to work closely with your financial advisor to ensure that your estate plan is well suited to your long-term financial objectives.

To that end, our firm offers complimentary estate and financial plan consultations.  The complementary consultation, during which you will sit down with one of our experienced attorneys along with a trusted financial advisor, is the ideal opportunity to coordinate your estate plan with your financial planning goals. During the consult, we will:

  • Discuss your financial situation to ensure that the terms of your estate plan remain consistent with your wishes for your family;
  • Review the beneficiary designations of your IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions and other retirement plans and ensure you are in the most beneficial position;
  • Review your assets to ensure they are properly titled and adequately protected;
  • Analyze the impact of the many new tax law and other changes in the law to ensure that your estate and financial planning documents are up to date and in accordance; and,
  • Enable you to walk away with a solid estate and financial plan – and peace of mind.

The plain truth is that nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.  What we do know is that when our families are protected, we are far better prepared to face the uncertainties that life brings.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about the many financial and legal tools and what they can do for you.

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